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Welcome to NAJ Tracking

Naj Tracking is a Vehicle Tracking, Fuel Management, Fleet Management and Car accessories company in Nairobi Kenya.

NAJ Tracking since our establishment in 2009, we are created by strong family & Corporate values and  we have grown with branches in Nairobi -Ngong rd & Westlands  on muthithi rd, Mombasa, Malindi, Nakuru, Malaba, Thika, Tanzania & Uganda.

We are Licensed and Regulated by the Communications Authority of Kenya (CAK) under license number TL /ASP/00236.


Creating Fleet peace of mind with Technology driven solutions.

Demonstrated by  our  professional motor security personnel, 24hrs vehicle surveillance control rooms & pronounced by Award winning updated cutting edge, European technology.


Performance against all odds.

Our dedicated experienced Team players strive to achieve intended Fleet results. They make sure our clients are satisfied by consistently delivering on performance against all odds.


We are bonded by Zeal and passion to do more than is generally thought possible, by deploying our cutting edge Technology into Real time practical use. We make sure we function by our promise to deliver solutions.